Rules of the road for recruiters and talent

As I’ve dealt with recruiters over the years (do they still call them “head hunters” anymore, or have smart staffing companies finally noticed how the term’s negative connotations stain both their own “talent acquisition specialists” and the candidates they “source?”), I’ve tried to balance treating them with respect, and insisting on the same from them. I get it: it’s a… Read more →

Words To Live…Without

Today I was asked to name the word I would choose to ban from general usage, once and for all, If I had the power to do it. Of course I thought immediately of the latest crop of slang-ish internet terms used by folks younger than I, who live with earbuds permanently implanted and move like salmon through an ever-faster stream of… Read more →

Score for my daily mid-afternoon yell of terror

^ Exaggerating. ^  (But just a little.)  Nada Surf Clear Eye, Clouded Mind From The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy (C) 2012 Barsuk Records    You’re gonna miss the wood / Everyone left the woodTake what you can carry / Find a road and followOf course I’m supposed to work I – / come from the hills I – Find and eat food I… Read more →

Slightly undone in public

Sometimes it’s as if Merlin Mann lives in my head. From the recent second episode of his new podcast with John Siracusa, called Reconcilable Differences: Part of [why we’re interested in listening to podcasts to understand how people think, and why people are the way they are], I think, too, is a consequence of getting older… Over time, more and… Read more →

Stop fleeing direct experience

Pema Chodron defines ego as “trying to get away from direct experience.” This resonates loudly right now, because I’m noticing how many different ways I’ve retreated from direct experience of life in the last several months…and fortunately, steps I’m taking to get back on track. I’m no Buddhist and would never pretend to be; even the more accessible texts, talks… Read more →

The One Where I Thought I Had Ideas ‘n’ Stuff

I’ve carried a Moleskine of one type or another for about six years, as the stream-of-consciousness bucket (what David Allen calls the Ubiquitous Capture Tool). Emphasis, mind you, on “carried,” as opposed to “written in regularly”…but that’s a whole other problem. For a long time, notebooks like these have been where my good ideas go to die, and my bad… Read more →

“Go Away, Young Man”

We’d been planning this trip for months. Really, months. There were a few days there, sometime between Valentine’s Day and Memorial Day, when it seemed that getting away, getting onto that plane and setting out for J.’s old haunts in the West was The. Only. Thing. Just get the bags packed, see the animals tucked into the protective arms of our neighbor… Read more →